"It's like, / wobble gently onward and I'll tell you how I feel."
"And like, tonality is certainly bankrupt (I think?)"

Mariah Carey

Always Be My Baby



Every time a song dares to announce itself as an Eternal Jam, one of the songs to be put in the Great Jukebox in the Sky, lately, I can’t help but to hear a little part of myself scream “But it knows! It knows I’m going to love it and so it sits there sparkling cheekily!” Lately I’ve thought this about Burial’s "Hiders" and "Come Down To Us," but really I’m thinking about "Beth/Rest" by Bon Iver and "Lindisfarne" by James Blake.

So it’s really comforting to be reminded of this Eternal Jam and to hear that this one knows too.

I mean, listen! That twangly guitar breezes in and you already know—you already know—that the beat, when it finally comes in, is going to be one of those Wilson-Phillips-at-the-end-of-Bridesmaids jams, like, you’re already prepping your shoulders and if you’re me, the little kick hit at the start of the second 8 bars is enough to send you into it just a bit too early but then finally it hits and you’re gone, you’re humming the “doo-doo-doot doo-doo-doot-do-doot-do-down” for the rest of the afternoon.

And that’s the hook—the background vocals are the motive for the bass, the chorus, the “boy don’t you know you can’t escape me!” it all comes from the rise and fall of the background vocals and even if—somehow! impossibly!—you’re hearing this for the first time, you know the title of the song because the chorus doesn’t let up until it lays that phrase on just right.

If you’re not paying attention, Mariah’s vocal runs lead into the key change so subtly that while you’ll still feel it, it might be hard to put your finger on just what happened. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a victory lap—why else would you take it up a key? (or three, I see you Beyoncé) But like the rest of the song, it’s a victory lap to drive into the sunset with the top down to, a victory lap for being cute on beaches, a victory lap for grinning uncontrollably ‘cause you’re just feeling it, you know?

This is the crown Ariana should be gunning for, and I hope she gets it eventually.


has offish joined elevator music!! characteristically, their first post is about mariah

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I don’t know what else to do to say how perfect “Always Be My Baby” is except post about how I wish I could reblog it twice because I’m going to be listening to it until class.