"It's like, / wobble gently onward and I'll tell you how I feel."

A man with whom one is having an affair keeps singing the praises of some woman he used to know. Even if it is a thing of the past, this can be very annoying. How much more so if he is still seeing the woman! (Yet sometimes I find that it is not as unpleasant as all that.)
Sei Shōnagon (channeling some Gotye and Kimbra), from the list of Hateful Things in The Pillow Book

Anonymous asked: Columbia pre-frosh here! (I just committed yesterday so I'm still really pumped haha). I just wondered if you had anything to stay about possibly getting a single at Furnald next year? It's my top choice right now because I really like having a quiet place to come home to and unwind, but I'm a bit worried about being socially isolated? Would you say that its fairly common to go to Carman and places but *live* at Furnald? SO excited to be there in August oh my god :)

DO IT. If you like having a quiet place to come home to and unwind, Furnald will be p great for that! I don’t really know how common it is, but I do know that I did plenty of hanging out with friends who lived in other dorms!

ruthcrawfordseeger-official asked: you're probably outgoing and fashionable enough that you make lots of friends really quickly. you probably can't walk across campus without seeing like 3 classmates you know and conversing with them

I just put my face in my hands and smiled really big at my computer screen because like it’s truuuuuuuuue only sometimes / often one of us is wearing headphones or late or too tired to really say anything bUT waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh